Harare– As developers Niantic rolled out improved version of its hit app to first non-English language country of Germany, as rest of the world awaits with bated breath.

The waits seems very long for the African nation of Zimbabwe, and particularly its President ,Robert Mugabe.

It is being reported that President Mugabe wrote a lengthy letter asking Niantic to release the game in his country quickly yesterday.

In the letter, President Mugabe outlined his governing problems and how he intends to use Pokémon Go to good use in his country.

“My vision is not 20/20 as it used to be “–Wrote the president, who is a few years shy of becoming the oldest reigning leader in the world, and “I can’t keep guard as I used to and therefore need your app in my country to save my country from my ministers.”

It is also being revealed that, once Niantic release the game in Zimbabwe,  the President intends to compel his Cabinet Ministers to install and actively use the app by introducing a new amendment to the Constitution of Zimbabwe that requires anyone who holds a public office or a ministerial position to install the app.

Citizens of Zimbabwe of all walks of life are taking to social media in commending the President’s actions – and seconding him by asking Niantic, makers of the hit mobile game Pokémon Go to quickly release the game in their country.

“We’ve had it with our kleptomaniac ministers, who help themselves to state coffers without reservation. So if they start playing Pokémon Go, we’re hoping that they might not be able to steal as much since they will be very busy capturing Pokémon.”

Yesterday, Twitters feed from Zimbabwe was awash with tweets that contain the hashtag #Poke2Zim, making it to the top of the trending list.

The game, which requires users to stay glued to their phones looking for Pokémon everywhere, is being hailed as a fitness game in the West. However, Africans,especially Zimbabweans are hoping to utilize the app in combating corruption.

The makers of Pokémon Go, Niantic, however, have declined to comment.