Toronto– Canada is stepping up its plans to build a wall along its border with the United States that is aimed to stem illegal migration from America once Donald Trump gets elected.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in a recent Tri-state meeting he held with the Presidents of the United States and Mexico in Ottawa, informed President Obama that the Canadian government has approved secret plans to erect a 700-feet barrier wall along the 5,525 miles border his country shares with the U.S.

“We can no longer trust Americans to make the right decision, and we feel, soon, many of them might abandon their country and come to Canada as refugees as a direct consequence of their choices and therefore we need to prepare and build a wall to keep them out.” Trudeau told the dismayed Obama.

Purposed Canadian Border Wall -Source: Canadian Immigration Department
Purposed Canadian Border Wall

Mexican President, Mr. Peña Nieto interrupted Mr. Trudeau to reiterate that his country has no intention of paying for Canada’s wall too, and had to be assured numerous times before he was able to settle.

In a separate announcement, Mr. Trudeau’s chief of staff Nick Zahnloss has briefed the Canadian Cabinet of the imperative to establish a special regiment of armed forces responsible for guarding the wall, who will be called the Watchers of the Wall. Mr. Zahnloss, however, declined to answer as to the inspiration or the origins of the name.

Logistics Headache

Anonymous sources inside the Canadian government are informing the AT that a dead-set Justin Trudeau has already dispatched 2 negotiating parties, one to Donald Trump and the other to George R.R.Martin and the set designers to come in to Canada to oversee the construction of the wall. Though both parties are yet to formally accept the offer of the Canadian government, Donald Trump was said to have jumped 3 feet in sheer happiness at the offer.

George R.R. Martin, however, was heard complaining about the lesser-value of the Canadian Dollar.