New York— North Korean Ambassador to the UN, Sin Son-ho, in a rare Q&A session he gave to members of the press fielded questions about the future of his country, his country’s policies as well as other important geopolitical developments in the Korean peninsula.

Though the Ambassador failed to provide anything significantly different from information gotten from official DPRK government sources , he nonetheless provided a very scathing rebuke to the press community for the lacking and intentionally misguiding coverage of his country that would compare it to Eritrea.

” The DPRK is a very developed nation that sustains itself through the righteous principles of socialist democracy and its capable leadership– as such, should not be compared to Eritrea.” he told reporters.

The Ambassador further went to on to compare and contrast his country with the East African nation and outlined how his country is very quite advanced and responsible as opposed to Eritrea.

” We know the sensationalist and reactionary Japanese media works full-time to paint our Glorious Dear Leader in negative light– as they are the ones who come up with the negative terminology– comparing him with an unelected, old and senile African dictator of a sad little nation.” Ambassador Son said.

Ambassador Son further went on to compare the accomplishments of DPRK Premier Kim Sung-il versus that of Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, who he kept referring to as “that senile idiot” through his briefing.

” Through the leadership of our Glorious Dear Leader, the DPRK is a very progressive nation that has the most advanced nuclear weapons in its arsenal– whereas that senile idiot in Eritrea hasn’t even been able to complete the Adi Halo dam, he underlined.”

The Korean Ambassador concluded his remarks by imploring the media community to base its information on official and trustworthy accounts, such as the Korean Central News Agency as well as other media outlets based in the DPRK.


  • What a crazy guy? If nuclear wrapon makes you great then Pakistan is better than his country. The easiest thing to do is to make killing machines. The most difficult is to make peace. As long as South Korea is in military alert all the time they are very backward. You don’t grow enough food for your people Mr. Ambassador.

  • Salahadin

    What the fuck you Asian little eye !!!

    Fuck you Assehole ambassador of the sad nation North Korea ! Fuck your North Korea and go eat your dog .

  • habte

    stupidity comes in all forms and colors, nationality etc. empty stomach makes the brain slow and dull and inactive the North Korean Ambassador is the best example. the lesson is never speak with empty stomach. he or his country should have built more dams instead of nuclear weapons.

  • Truth and truth only!!

    U r all sore losers. Any real Eritrean would know about any Dam in Eritrea. Cuz we built it with our hands. The Eritrean Government is crushing its own people. And u dare say u dont know adihallo dam. U r an idiot. U dont hear korean people drowning in the mediterranean. Dying in sina. Or even shot to death just for wanting to go to their homes. U r such a hipocrite. Simple as that. Just accept the facts.

  • Sum’Dum Dong

    Who removed my comment? Why would a North Korea diplomat know about the name of a micro dam in Eritrea when 1/2 of Eritreans dont? This was info provided to the official by his tplf Ethiopia allies who are envious of micro dams in neighboring Eritrea. US Bush administration allowed/approved North Korea to provide its ally tplf Ethiopia massive arms shipments. This was at time US media/politicians were in massive smear campaigns against North Korea. Those arms were/are used by tplf Ethiopia to blow the brians of kids in ethiopia, somalia, south sudan, yemen. Yet world super powers accuse tiny Eritrea of human rights abuses and sanction it. I wish peace/prosperity/development of the people of both North Korea and Eritrea without the evil designs/intentions of foreign super powers. This very news piece is a propaganda piece to smear Eritrea as if even the North Korea rejects being associated with it. However for those that look into it more they will learn the massive/uncalled for smear campaign against Eritrea since around 2003. The world powers gives immediate asylum/pass to Eritreans but not to other Africans, so much so that Ethiopians/somalians/sudan and others claim to be Eritrean. The hope of was to drain Eritrea of its youth but to the contrary they are being flooded by non-eritreans. More than 60% of asylum seekers are non-eritrean pretending. Just look/research and you will see goliath super powers working against a small nation. Again thanks to the official for bringing attention to the ill comparison, Eritrea is more like the Vietnam of Africa and has paid a huge price for a small country. Victim of bullying of super powers.

    • Editor

      Your initial comment was flagged as spam by our bots. Your neo-colonization narrative was, however, most entertaining.

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