Eritrean Singing Sensation Announces Forthcoming Album

Habtom Hidrom Nbereley

Denver — Eritrean singing sensation, Habtom Hidrom has announced that he’s in the process of releasing yet another album this fall.

In an exclusive interview with AT, Habtom has revealed that he’s been tirelessly working on this new album for years and it will include 13 tracks out of which six singles are about the glorious Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki.

The album, which can be characterized as a quick-fire response to the unjust meddling of the United Nations in the affairs of Eritrea, is aptly titled “UN Hasadat”.

Mr. Hidrom has also hinted that lesser known Eritrean Cabinet members also might get songs dedicated to them in his coming album.

“I’ve worked on this album for many years, and I think it is  high time that I let my fans get what’s coming their way.”  Habtom said.

Mr. Hidrom, a 7th-generation Wata, is known and adored at the same time for his particularly annoying lyrical and musical style.

It is to be recalled that Mr. Hidrom climbed to the top of the Eritrean billboard charts last summer with his single “kulen yikewnzewa”  , which held the number one position in the charts for 16 weeks.