The Hague — Eritrean Foreign Minister, His Excellency Minister Osman Saleh, met with the Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders and held talks regarding the strengthening of Eritrea’s relationship with the Netherlands.

The Minister, who disclosed that Eritrea and the Netherlands have had a long relationship caused by Eritrea’s refugee influx, assured the Minister that Eritrea is doing everything in its capacity to combat human trafficking through concerted efforts with concerned parties.

The Minister also assured his Dutch counterpart that the Eritrean government only collects the 2% national tax on its Diaspora population in order to use it to combat illegal migration and implored the Minister to reverse Dutch stance against the practice.

Koenders, on his part praised the Eritrean Minister of his audacity. In a joint press conference held by both Ministers, Koenders told members of the press community that the meeting went smooth, despite his expectation.

” In all honesty, I expected the Minister was going to ask for Asylum in the Netherlands prior to our meeting and I was a bit uneasy as we already have too much refugees, but the Minister assured me that he has no intention of doing so and eased my fears.”Koenders said.

Mr. Osman also met and held talks with senior officials of the Dutch Foreign Foreign Affairs Ministry. Also, present in the meeting was Eritrea’s Ambassador to the European Union and the Netherlands, Mr. Negasi Kassa