San Francisco– In an interview with Good Morning America, Ethiopian Olympic athlete Robel ‘the Whale’ Kiros has alleged that his loss at the Rio swimming event is partly attributable to what he termed as ‘the erroneous policies of previous Ethiopian governments.’

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.48.28 PMMr Kiros, who placed 59 out of 59 competitors stated that he only accepted to participate in the event at the behest of his father, Mr. Kiros Habte, who heads the Ethiopian Olympic Swimming Federation (EOSF) and other government dignitaries.


“I didn’t want to go at first. But then, after hearing from my father that the Olympic committee of Ethiopia was unable to locate a single Ethiopian who could swim, I volunteered to train and represent my country, Robel said.”

Mr. Kiros has went on to reveal that while the notable shortage of people who are capable of swimming in Ethiopia is quite disturbing, it wasn’t unexpected.

“You see, Ethiopian governments have foregone their historical right to the Red Sea and the beautiful beaches there. If it wasn’t for the Ethiopian government agreeing to give Eritrea all the sea and reducing the country to a landlocked mass, this probably wouldn’t have happened.” the Athlete Explained.

Mr. Kiros concluded the interview with a tearful eyes– imploring his home government to train more swimmers and go to the extent of making swimming a for credit subject in all Ethiopian schools, thereby enabling the nation to produce many athletes who would carry Mr Kiros’s legacy.

“if not for the Olympics, at least let’s do it as a requirement to face of the ever-rising sea levels due to global warming.” the Athlete finished.


Barbara Coleman of NPR has contributed to this report.

  • Henok

    Very funny;
    So the cause of due to ur Ethiopia being land locked for ur loss ….. ahhahahahhahha
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    Bahrdar Hayk; swimming pool in some hotels.
    Ur structure is not fit for swimming. U look like big truck.