Mexico City– In a joint press conference, Mexican incumbent Enrique Peña Nieto and Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced that prices of Mexican food items such as Nachos, Tacos and Burritos, and particularly Quessadila in the United States will be regulated by a joint US and Mexico task force come next year.

Mr. Trump, who has vowed to end illegal migration as we know it and has previously went on record to reveal his sheer dislike of Mexicans, who he is known to often term “rapists and bunch of drug-dealers”, nonetheless has a very fond liking of Mexican cuisine.

” I love burritos , and I’m going to make burritos so awesome and so famous.” said Mr. Trump, in his trademark way of making statement.

Mr. Trump(R-NJ) - eating one of his favorite TexMex dishes, Diabetes aquí vengo con Nachos in his New York office
Mr. Trump(R-NJ) – eating one of his favorite TexMex dishes, Diabetes aquí vengo con Nachos in his New York office

Noting that Arab immigrants who operate a chain of food carts in lower Manhattan, where Mr. Trump has an office, have inflated prices of Quessadilla by as much as 300%, Mr. Trump commended President Nieto on the bold decision of the Mexican government to combat the exorbitant  prices.


Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, sported a look of disbelief during the course of the press conference and did not say anything.

‘Landmark Achievement’

Meanwhile, in the United States, Trump supporters are taking to the streets to support their candidate’s businesslike manner and his business acumen.

Connie McFlurry, a Trump supporter from Defiance county, Ohio told the AT that she’s very much happy that Mr. Trump went to Mexico and has already started on making good on his promise of making America great again.

” Trump is fulfilling what I have always thought about him already, that he’s a go-getter and will certainly make those ungodly Chipotle prices come down once he’s elected,” Ms. McFlurry opined while chomping on a huge burrito.



Disclaimer: The Awaze Tribune endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States. Here at the AT, we love Donald Trump so much that we are willing to stand behind anything and everything he says, in or off the record. We also would like to make it clear to our readers that we are fully in support of Mr. Trump becoming the Chairman of the African Union.