Asmara– The Eritrean Minister of Information has announced that he plans to seek legal action against the popular social media company Twitter over his unverified profile.

Yemane Gebremeskel, who previously held the position of Director of the President’s Office, has been promoted to become Eritrea’s newest Minister of Information after the previous Minister, Ali Abdu, left Eritrea to seek asylum in Australia.

In a statement Mr Gebremeskel gave, he announced his dissatisfaction over how Twitter has failed to verify his profile, despite him contacting the company numerous times over the matter.

“Though it pains me, I’ve finally decided to take Twitter and its leadership to an international court of arbitration over the company’s failure to verify my profile.” Mr. Gebremeskel said.

Twitter Pains

Mr. Gebremeskel, who uses Twitter with the handle @hawelti, has attempted to get in touch with Twitter’s staff regarding the issue, particularly Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey.

“I and other concerned parties have attempted to remedy this issue many times– but our pleas have reached deaf ears therefore our hand has been forced, and we’re seeking legal avenues. ” The Minister said.

The Minister has been one of the few members of the Eritrean government who are active in social media and has been using the platform to galvanize, organize and provide supporters of his government in the Diaspora with their daily staple of government-issued slogans and rhetoric.

His hyperactivity in Twitter, however, has been both the cause of praise and criticisms.

Selam Kidane, a vocal opponent of the Eritrean government has told the AT that she has some concerns over the ungodly hours the Minister seems to be spending on social media.

“Eritrea’s Minister of Information spends his hours glued to the screen– and he’s doing this during office hours which renders his act tantamount to embezzlement  .” she said.

The Eritrean Minister is yet to disclose in which court of justice he is going to seek arbitration regarding his Twitter profile, though another Eritrean Ambassador, Stefanos Berhane, whose profile also wasn’t verified by Twitter has announced that he’ll also be another plaintiff in the case.