New York: Trump University has announced this morning that it is ceasing all US operations and will move its campus and headquarters to Nigeria, where it will set shop in Lagos.

Trump University’s head of public relations, John Cassidy announced the move this morning– saying it was long overdue.

“People in the U.S. fail to comprehend the importance and seer-like business acumen of our founder and therefore the University has decided to take its award-winning programs to those who appreciate it.” Cassidy said.

Sudden Move

Not much is being revealed by the troubled University as to its decision to suddenly close all operations in the United States.

However,  sources close to the University and the Trump presidential campaign are speculating that the move could have come after the University received a sizable financial endowment and major holdings in a large estate from a Nigerian prince.

According to the same sources, Mr. Trump has been in a constant communication with the undisclosed Nigerian benefactor for years. Public records from the Trump campaign, reveal that the Presidential contender has been sending the unnamed Nigerian Prince money through Western Union for quite sometime.

It is to be recalled that last week, during his visit to Mexico city, Mr. Trump had hinted that the University could possibly relocate to Mexico should President Nieto approve.



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