Asmara –The General Manager of the Za’er Textile Company announced this morning that his company has gotten a new contract from the Government of Eritrea to manufacture fire-proof flags.

Pietro Zambiati, the manager and co-owner of the setup, told our sister station Eri-TV that at the moment, his company is producing about 750 items of clothes per day but expects output  to increase to about 1500 per day in light of the new agreement.

Mr. Zambiati also disclosed that as the contract with the government stipulates that the forthcoming flags need to be burn-proofed, that and his company will use a hybrid synthetic material to which Za’er Textile factory holds the patent.

” The Eritrean government had specifically asked for the flags to be made with fire-proof materials, and we’re going to use a synthetic material of Kevlar, Carbon fiber and fiber glass that we developed in-house and we know to be fire-resistant.” the Manager told Eri-TV.

“Fringe” Eritreans:

Sources close to the President’s office’s, which handed out the contract are disclosing that the contract for fireproof all subsequent flags of Eritrea comes at a right time as known enemies of the Eritrean state are engaging in the unforgivable act of flag-burning.

“The act of burning the flag is so repulsive, it makes me want to throw up,” said Ms. Arashi Tesfalem, a resident of Asmara and an employee of Za’er Textile inc. ” About time our government punished those who engage in the treacherous act, even if they are misguided fools living in the Diaspora and don’t appreciate the leadership of our glorious leader.”

It is to be recalled that, recently some Eritreans, who are funded by the despotic TPLF regime have started engaging in burning the Eritrean flag as a display of their misplaced allegiance.

According to Mr. Pietro, the flags will be ready and shipped to all patriotic Eritreans at the end of September 2016, just in time for the Eritrean rallies against the unjust United Nations commission of inquiry protest that is going to take place in New York.