Addis Ababa — The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Dr. Tedros Adhanom received today, a letter from His Majesty, the King of Swaziland, Mswathi III offering asylum for up to 50 Ethiopian virgins in his harem country.

In his letter, His Majesty King Mswathi, wished Dr. Adhanom good health, and reiterated the historical relationship between his country and Ethiopia as well as and the long history of both nations working together to overcome regional problems.

King Mswathi, who cited that he’s been following current Ethiopian development as well as the ongoing unrest in Oromia and Gondar with great interest, said that he felt it was necessary that his administration did “what it could” to help Ethiopia at this crossroad.

” We’ve always admired the beauty of Ethiopians, and after hearing that some Ethiopians are being displaced from their homes due to the current unrest, I couldn’t but milk the moment  step up to help Ethiopians in need.”

King Mswathi III further underlined that at the moment, his country is only capable of offering asylum to 18-year-old girls, who pass the traditional prenuptial test of purity, and the Ambassador of Swaziland and to the AU has received instructions to conduct the 2-finger test to vet the asylees.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, however, has declined to comment on the story.