Asmara– The Eritrean Ministry of Public Works has announced that it has awarded a bid to an undisclosed sculptor to modify elements of the Alexander Pushkin statue.

According to a press communique from the Ministry of Public Works, an invitation for a bid has been tendered and awarded the past month to a sculptor who would modify the Pushkin statue showing him signing the so-called “regret papers”.

“We wish to modify aspects of the bust in such a way that while the statue clearly reflects the roots of the famed Russian playwright, also will send to the Diaspora Eritreans that even him would have had to sign the regret papers to gain the proper footing in Eritrea,” His Excellency, the Minister of Public Works, Abraha Asfaha explained.

The Minister also disclosed that the statue will be moved from its current location in the Monopolio neighborhood of Asmara to the traffic circle outside the premises of the United States Embassy in Asmara.

” We want the statue to serve a dual service of reminding the world that Alexander Pushkin was Eritrean and that Eritreans will sign those papers if they need to continue being Eritreans.”Minister Asfaha stated.

It is to be recalled that Eritrea has started asking its nationals to sign the regret papers to measure the levels of its citzenry’s patriotism in the past years.