Asmara– In a meeting with residents of the Maekel zone as well as public health officials, His Excellency, the Administrator of Zoba Maekel, Maj. General Romodan Awliayay has disclosed that 98% of the pregnancy that occurred in the Maekel region was caused by unprotected sex.
In a study conducted in collaboration with the Eritrean Ministry of Health, Maj. General Romodan Awliayay explained that an examination of over 198,382 postnatal and prenatal residents of the Maekel Administrative Zone has shown that fornication to be the leading cause of pregnancy.

In concluding his remarks, Maj. General Romodan Awliayay has underlined that the Government of Eritrea’s efforts in conducting popular campaign against the purge of pregnancy has been bearing fruitful results.

Though the administrator didn’t disclose the source of the other two percent pregnancy, sources close to the Eritrean Ministry of Health and familiar with the study are attributing it to increased wind movement and immaculate conception.