Asmara — In an apparently increasing tensions between DPRK and Eritrea, Eritrean Air Marshal and Commander of the Air Force,  Maj. General Teclay Habtesulus has revealed that Eritrean Air Force has conducted a military operation over the Korean Peninsula as a display of force.

In an interview with our sister station Eri-TV, commander Habtesulus has revealed operational details stating that a single, heavily-armed An-02 Antonov biplane has flown over North Korean territory waving the newly-fireproofed Eritrean flag.

“We’ve conducted the operations to show the Koreans who is Boss, and that Eritrea will not be bullied by anyone,” Maj General Teclay Habtesulus said.

The commander has also revealed that the Eritrean plane and its pilot are safely on their way back to the motherland and are expected anytime soon.

It is to be recalled that tensions have started to flare between the DPRK and the glorious nation of Eritrea over comments made by North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations saying that Eritrea and the DPRK are not comparable as Eritrea’s leadership is incompetent by all measures.