Asmara– In a press release  today, His Excellency, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh excoriated Botswana’s President over recent comments he made regarding Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe.

In the press conference, Minister Osman made it clear that his country is “extremely disappointed” at the recent remarks made by President Ian Khama in an interview with Reuters.

In his statement, Minister Osman outlined that Eritrea is very “upset” that Botswana’s leadership would engage in a “needless folly” of “shoddy parlance” meant to discredit a fellow African leader in particular and a neighboring nation in general.

Noting that the recent comments of Botswana’s president amount to nothing but bullying and poking one’s nose in the affairs of a sovereign state, Minister Osman Saleh made it known that Eritrea would not let the issue rest until President Ian Khama issues a formal apology.

” What we just witnessed in Botswana is very similar to what Eritrea has been facing for the past 20 years– an uncalled-for attack, bullying and meddling in a nation’s internal affairs.” The Minister told members of the press corps.

Minister Osman also offered insights into the root remarks of President Khama slandering President Robert Mugabe.

” We have grasped the ulterior motive of President Ian Khama’s misplaced ‘concern’ about  President Mugabe’s age. It is obvious that Khama made the slandering remarks to please his British masters. How come he didn’t say anything about Nelson Mandela, who probably is above 100 right now?” Minister Osman queried members of the press community.

Minister Osman concluded the press conference by reminding everyone present that it is “sheer luck” and “actually very good opportunity” for a nation to have a dedicated president willing to dedicate his entire lifespan to the service of his nation as Mugabe.

It is to be recalled that Botswana’s President made hurtful comments regarding President Robert Mugabe, whom he accuses of sending Zimbabwe’s economy in a spiral because of his old-age and inability to govern.