New York — His Excellency, the President of the State of Eritrea, President Isaias Afwerki has received the coveted Deuch Hang Pin Award, according to the United Nation’s Population Fund’s announcement today.

The Award recognized President Afwerki’s “steadfast and lifelong dedication” to solving the world’s population predicament.

Eritrea’s Extraordinary Ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Araya Desta, received the order on behalf of President Afwerki from UNPF’s head, Dr.Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma.

According to the UNPF, its decision to recognize the President of the State of Eritrea–“stems from the overbearingly cognizant recognition of the fact that His Excellency’s been able to accomplish so much and reduce Eritrea’s population through innovative methods despite his work often being hampered and accused of non-important trivial issues such human rights violations. 

During the award ceremony, Dr. Zuma recognized President Isaias’s consistent endeavor to solve the ever-increasing population problem of the world and praised President Isaias’s efforts.

“The UNPF is very grateful to the Eritrean President for his unparalleled insight and contribution to solving the world’s increasing population problem. We admire his dedication.” Dr. Zuma said.

The award, established in 2003, is named after Cambodia’s famous statesman Hang Pin, who was affectionately also known as Comrade Deuch, recognizes individuals and members of government who have made exceptional and innovative contribution to controlling the world’s spiraling population.

This year’s runner-ups were Paul Kagame or Rwanda for his constantly full prisons and Hassan Al-Bashir of Sudan, for his innovative use of chemical weapons in Darfur to solve the population situation.  Previous recipients of the award include notable personalities such as Adolf Hitler, Mao and Joseph Stalin, who were recognized by the award committee posthumously.


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    Fack yu wedi sharmuta agame weyane awate treaitors. U have no hagerrawnet and sell your cantry many times. President Isayas is the selfless eritrean jiggna hagerawi.