editorial-logoRecently, His Excellency, the Head of Political Affairs of Eritrea’s ruling party arrived in the United States with the intention of conducting a seminar with patriotic Eritreans and friends of Eritrea at the request of the Atlantic Council. However, a recent communication from the U.S. State Department has instructed the Atlantic Council to cancel the meeting under the lame pretext that, Mr. Gebreab has been black-listed by the U.S. government as an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.” 

On behalf of our staff here, we would like to make it known that the AwazeTribune hereby strongly disagrees and condemns State Department decision to make this underhanded incursion into the affairs of Eritrea.

We’d like to make it known that the decision of the U.S. State Department presents a moral conundrum and a multi-faceted rights violation against patriotic American Eritreans.

First off, the decision has grossly violated our right to assembly as stipulated in the First Amendment. Us, Patriotic Eritreans look forward to such meetings with high-ranking officials with earnest as they would present a rare and unprecedented glimpse into our nation’s development in Mr. Gebreab’s poetic and musical-tone. The cancelation has thereby left us in a high-and-dry state that closely resembles a coitus interruptus.

Moreover, we believe the meeting’s cancelation forays into our right to worship. The majority of Eritreans (well, at least those who matter to the glorious State of Eritrea anyway) belong to the Nihna Nusu, Nisu Nihna denomination. The cancelled meeting has been foretold in our scriptures and as a direct consequences of the State Department’s decision, we’ve missed a meeting with one of our religion’s key figures. Imagine if your Jesus came to preach in your town and the local law enforcement has jailed him because he was black? Or even, the Prophet Mohamed (PBWH) graced your country with a visit only to find all the mosques couldn’t accommodate him because of some lame report? We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Once again, the AwazeTribune reiterates its protest to the State Department decision and hopes that the upcoming new Trump presidency will present a more meaningful and isolationist policy that will leave the People and Government of Eritrea to mind their own affairs, unlike that of the current administration.

  • AywazeTrimtrim

    “Awaze” is supposed to be some tasteful spicey sauce. Yet your attempt at humor is insipid.

    Speaking of…Google just recommended saying “you may also like Agame” when I searched for “Awaze”….

  • Editor

    Spicey, you say?