Editor’s note:Recently, Excellencies, Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and PFDJ’s Head of Political Affairs, Yemane Gebreab came to the United States for the purposes of conducting a popular seminar with Eritreans and friends of Eritrea at the specific request of the Atlantic Council. However, a communication from the State Department has banned Mr. Gebreab’s presentation. AT has acquired the demeaning letter sent to Atlantic Council from the State Department banning the convention.  ( See image below)


Once more, for reasons of full disclosure, AT wishes to disclose that it is opposed to the State Department’s decision and interference in Eritrean affairs. 

This morning, Mr. Gebreab paid an unannounced visit to our corporate offices and asked us to extend his sincerest apology for the cancellation. His Excellency, further went on to ask us to interview him and to become instruments in disseminating his messages and the cancelled meeting’s  agenda through the world wide web to patriotic Eritreans. 

AT would like to graciously express its gratitude to His Excellency, Mr. Gebreab, who placed his utmost trust on us to interview him and we humbly accept his commendations that “AT’s the only news website that covers the truth as it is.”

We’re set to interview Mr. Gebreab Sunday, Oct 9th at 1100 AM, and we want to give our readers and all patriotic Eritreans an opportunity to ask Mr. Gebreab their questions.

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