Asmara– In line with Eritrea’s goal of achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals, the Eritrean Minister of Health, Amna Nurhussein, announced this morning that Eritrea has become the first nation in the World to eliminate Cholera.

According to the Minister, data collected from Eritrea’s six administrative zones indicated that the bacteria-bourne disease has been liquidated in totality from Eritrea, making Eritrea the first nation to accomplish such a feat in the World.

The Minister further went on to disclose that Eritrea’s success comes as a result of the nation applying itself towards this goal and conducting massive public agitation campaigns aimed at educating the Eritrean masses about the dangers of the disease, but said this won’t be the last milestone for her Ministry.

” Though we have done away with Cholera, Eritrea remains pandemic to many other diseases, and our next goal is to progress towards ridding Eritrea of other diseases.” The Minister said.

Further statement from the Eritrean Ministry of Health has disclosed that the Ministry has contacted the WHO and is awaiting confirmation from the UN body of the achievement- so as other nations can emulate Eritrea’s success in conquering the disease.

It is to be recalled that some recent anti-Eritrea elements based in the Diaspora have reported that there’s an outbreak of the disease in the nation as a continuation of their defamation policies against the Horn of Africa nation.