Las Vegas– The youth wing of the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice of Eritrea’s sole party, PFDJ, has successfully completed a 4-year campaign of attracting more Eritreans to its ranks through a thoughtful inclusion of aging Eritreans, according to sources close to the campaign.

pew-ypfdj-research-pollThe YPFDJ, which has found that  support  dwindling amongst Eritreans youth , has been working tirelessly in rebranding the organization through popular campaigns aimed at different demographic groups of Eritreans in the Diaspora.

According to the same sources, the organization has poached executives from successful companies such as the Atlantic Council — who have been able to rebrand the organization through relentless campaigns.

Rogaine Policy Supporter
A new-convert to YPFDJ proudly showing new hair strands he attained after taking part in the Rogaine Campaign.

Though the exact nature of the entire campaign is being kept secret, AwazeTribune has retrieved documentation regarding some of the marketing tactics employed in the rebranding campaign. According to the documents, The YPFDJ has focused its efforts on elderly Eritreans with patchy history of abandoning the struggle for independence in the 80s to migrate to the West by providing them free supply of Rogaine and Viagra medication.

Ms Hadnet Kala, communicating the Rogaine and Viagra decision to members of Eritrean Diaspora
Ms Hadnet Kala, communicating the Rogaine and Viagra decision to members of Eritrean Diaspora

According to Ms. Hadnet Kala, the YPFDJ’s head of Communications in North America, the Organization has registered what she termed “great results” after the campaign.




“We were surprised that we were able to garner much following and successfully increased meeting attendance after we offered free Viagra and Rogaine to fellow Eritreans,” Ms. Kala said and added that [the] ” only regret is that we didn’t think of this before.”

Entirely comprised of Eritreans of either questionable intelligence or questionable origin, the YPFDJ has been facing mounting challenges defending Eritrea’s leadership amid Eritrea’s unpopular leadership’s multiple blunders.