Asmara — In a  meeting today with Eritrean scholars,His Excellency the Eritrean Minister of Education,  Semere Russom, unveiled a plan to introduce what he termed a “Series of Mathematical Innovations in line with Eritrean realities”.

Mr. Semere, who noted that that his Ministry and the Eritrean Mathematical Society have been working to tackle a common problem that has confused mathematicians for centuries, has introduced a two-part legislative proposal.

” given the confusing nature  and similarity between the numerals 9 and 6, Eritrea has decided to retire the use of the number 6.” The Minister announced.

According to the Minister, as of January 2020, the only numbers in use in Eritrea will be the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 0.

Moreover, Eritrea will retire all numbers after 10 million in its numerical system as “there isn’t much use for such high numbers”, according to Minister Russom.

“There isn’t any realistic use for any number after 10 million,  and requiring our children to learn them goes against Eritrea’s principles of self-reliance and is a  waste of resources, and as such, we have decided to retire those uselessly high numbers.”Minister Russom said

Resounding success

“The Minister’s new proposal is being met with much praise and enthusiasm all over the world,” Gidewon Abay, an Eritrean-American mathematics Professor told AT.

“this goes to show, Such creative innovation is the result of Eritrea’s long-standing values of self-reliance,” Professor Abay said.