Asmara — A DNS outage that has affected many websites today, has caused a computer glitch at the Department of Immigration and Nationality of Eritrea, according to its head, Brigadier General Ghebrekidan Habteab.

Though the full scope of the computer glitch is yet to be fully assessed, according to General Habteab, the glitch has caused a system failure where the computer system isn’t generating the 7-digit needed for the identification card system.

General Habteab, has assured concerned parties that, Colonel Weldu Baria, the head of Eritrea’s Information Technology Special Task Force has thrown his weight behind the problem and is working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, the Immigration Department has found a temporary work-around the glitch.

“ We have spoken to the Philippine immigration authorities who have expressed their willingness to help us— and Eritreans who are affected by the glitch will be issues temporary Philippine ID cards.” General Habteab reiterated.

Though the exact source of the glitch is yet to be identified, sources close to the Office of the President and familiar with the problem have already started pointing fingers to hackers affiliated with the despotic TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

AwazeTribune has attempted to get a quote from the Ethiopian Mission to the United States regarding Eritrea’s fresh accusations, to which, they declined to comment.