Asmara — President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea, who has repeatedly expressed his grave concerns over the course of democracy and the high possibilities of the upcoming US election to be rigged, has underlined his country’s willingness to send election observers to assist the United States in the proper election conduit.

President Isaias revealed that the primary mission of the observers would be to stall what he termed as “Hillary Clinton’s quixotic quest to assault and destroy democracy and win the race for President of the United States.”

Speaking from his makeshift tent at Adi Halo Dam, where he’s busy recreating the Garden of Eden, His Excellency reiterated his support of Mr. Trump’s candidacy and said that he’s willing to send ” as many members of the National Service Program as required.”

“We’ve been in touch and are in complete agreement with Mr. Trump regarding the direction the election will take if it is left to crooked Hillary’s cronies who trample on Democracy, And we’re willing to do what’s required of us to defend democracy,” said president Isaias


Major General Tecle Manjus Kifle
Major General Teclay Manjus has been appointed to head Eritrea election observation mission to the U.S.

President Isaias furthermore indicated that he’s ecstatic at the opportunity to send election observers, and that he’s appointed Maj. General Teclay ‘Manjus’ Kifle to head Eritrea’s Observation Mission to the United States.

“Major General Teclay  will make history representing Africa’s  payback Moment — and will avenge all those african nations that were plagued and destabilized by the so-called ‘election observers’ for years.”  president isaias said.

The US State Department, however, has immediately rejected President Isaias’s offer, and state officials in Texas have gone to the point of threatening to arrest any Eritrean election observers they find.