Asmara– The perpetual cloud of dirt and scandal that plagues the Clinton campaign is yet to be over as fresh allegations over Ms. Clinton’s behavior during her 1997 visit to Asmara comes to light.

Her Excellency, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, Eritrea’s Minister of Tourism
Hillary Clinton in Asmara , 1997 wearing Zuria
Hillary Clinton in Asmara , 1997 wearing Zuria ( Traditional Eritrean Dress) that she allegedly is yet to pay for.

According to Askalu Menkerios, Eritrea’s Minister of Tourism and former head of the National Union of Eritrean Women, during her visit Hillary Clinton asked the good Minister to acquire her a bespoken traditional Eritrean dress that is known as Zuria for herself and her family and has failed to pay for it.




” Crooked Hillary bought a Zuria, Gabi, a Fergi and Kuta  and leather set of shoes and purse for herself. I remember also she bought a Kidan-Habesha and Betri and one of ’em white sandals for her husband and lots of other things for her entourage. But she didn’t have any money on her, so she asked me to vouch for her. ” Ms. Askalu recalled with teary eyes.

However, as it turns out, once crooked Clinton left Eritrea, not only did she allegedly fail to settle the bill leaving Ms. Askalu in a very precarious position with the Eritrean Credit Association Bureau, but also, according to Ms. Askalu, she’s been avoiding Ms. Askalu.  she still hasn’t settled the bill.

According to Ms Askalu, she ” called Hillary a million times on the number she gave me, I tried to get in touch with her through Twitter( Charlie[ Yemane G. Meskel.] showed me how..sniff.. bless him, and I added her on Viber but she blocked me.”

Typical Behavior

According to Sofia Tesfamariam, a Virginia-based expert on everything, underlined that such behavior is nothing surprising coming from Secretary Clinton.

” There is a reason why she’s referred to as crooked, she’s very crooked and there’s always more than what meets the eye with her, she’s even worse than Meles Zenawi” said Ms. Tesfamariam

AwazeTribune got in touch with the Clinton Campaign regarding the new allegations. Through an email the campaign sent the campaign underlined that they have no knowledge of the such an event.

“The Clinton Campaign underlines that neither is it familiar with the alleged event, nor does it know the existence any country in the world known as Eritrea.” the Campaign wrote.