Editor’s Note: Many of our readers, particularly the nice kids of the YPFDJ have recently taken into writing AwazeTribune to provide them a web version of a country handbook that they could use as reference in their arguments against treacherous Eritreans and enemies of Eritrea. We’re humbled at the request, and at the high esteem that we’re held by Patriotic Eritreans here in the Diaspora. We’ve compiled this primer for you into the glorious nation of Eritrea to cite and quote at your disposal in the subsequent debates you might have with a cousin or an FOB uncle who doesn’t see the light as you do. 


  1. Eritrea- Pronunciation and Origin of a name.

Eritrea MapOur glorious nation is named Eritrea(pronounced ɛrˈtr.ə) means Red, the Greeks, who often used to come to our glorious nation to witness the civilization, history and special race of humans that the Eritreans are, called it Erythra ( Greek for Red)  after they saw that we’re always willing to spill our blood to protect our glorious country. 

2. Famous People.

wedi afom

Isaias Afwerki Abraha, Isaias Afwerki and Wedi Afom ( to a lesser extent, Habtom Hdrom).




3. Economy

eritrean economyThe nation has a growing manufacturing economy that can sustain a max population of 16 people. The government has recently engaged in organ-harvest to supplant nation’s income.



4.  Primary Exports:


Refugees and ‘big-league’ ignorance.

5. Crime

Eritrea soldier gifa

Nation crippled by members of the Eritrea Defense Force going AWOL often. Also, using internet for more than 1 hour a week is considered crime and frowned upon.



6. Arts and Entertainment.

Movie poster AsmaraRich cinematic history of state-approved propaganda and a string of annoying monetized youtube comedies.




7. Cuisine

Hunger in EritreaFood largely considered a delicacy in Eritrea as of the past few years.





8. Natural Resources


Geological pressure on bones in martyrs graves and dissidents expected to start providing Eritrea a rich supply of fossil fuels beginning from 7832 AD.


9.  Communications

Payphone Asmara 10291839_10207218087428105_3932698647852997116_n






Nation boasts a singular state-owned telephone provider that requires all users to sign an agreement stating “their call will be recorded for nation-building purposes.”



10. Transnational Issues

Asmara Football Fans Sports
A sign in a cafe in Asmara advertising Premier League games

Arsenal FC and Somalia are of foremost importance to Eritreans.