In recent weeks, AT has learned with great dismay that yet another African nation has fallen prey to the so-called folly of elections and has, by popular vote, ousted a leader of great vision and esteem for a contender. As recent Gambian vote count, though possibly erroneous, seems to indicate that His Excellency, the incumbent Gambian president, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Abdul-Aziz Awal Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru Deen Babili Mansa, Chief Commander of The Armed Forces of Gambia and Chief Custodian of the Sacred Constitution of the Gambia has lost by a margin to a clueless member of the opposition called Adama Barrow.

While it isn’t the intent of this editorial to delve into the many misdeeds of Mr. Barrow, and his flawed characteristics that are unbecoming of a gentleman, and as a result of which he’d probably be unworthy of the high Office, we at the AT feel it suffices to point to the single fact that Mr. Barrow is a practicing polygamist, who is known to often shamelessly tout his two wives during election rallies, unlike the humble leader His Excellency President Jammeh was.

Today, democracy, or the rule by the popular vote finds itself at a crossroads. Democracy, in its recent forms has become a fickle issue that can no longer be entrusted to the popular vote as a result of waning intelligence worldwide. We’ve seen the rise of Donald Trump in America, despite being the most hated candidate and professional woman-groper, American idiots elected him to the highest Office, or the British voting themselves out of the European Union, despite doing themselves a huge disservice, or even the rise of the Fascist right-wing party Front National  in the land of de Beauvoir and Sartre;  all of which, seems to indicate that Democracy as a process has failed and can no longer be utilized in power transition.

It is with this in mind that the editorial board of AwazeTribune has unanimously signed this editorial to express our discontent at the result of the Gambian elections of 2016 and are demanding an alla Jill Stein recount of the votes.

However, in an event in which the funds required for a recount can not be raised, we humbly suggest the following special system of election to decide who will become the future Gambian president.

Our reasoning and recommendation is based the actual fact that the outgoing great leader the Gambia had multiple titles to his name, and to whom we believe a huge injustice has been done in an incomplete and sordid attempt at democracy.
If we are to truly believe that Mr. Jammeh has been defeated in a fair election and if our faith in the democratic system is to be restored, it is the belief of every member of the AwazeTribune that contenders for the Gambian presidency should run against His Excellency challenging him for his multiple titles.

Therefore, the AwazeTribune recommends to the Gambian electoral body to schedule a runoff election between Mr. Barrow and Dr. Jammeh for the following offices and titles.

• 1st Election: Barrow Vs. Jammeh / for the Title President of the Republic of Gambia. 

• 2nd Election: Barrow Vs. Jammeh / for the Post of Commander of the Gambian Forces.
• 3rd Election: Barrow Vs. Jammeh / for the Title of Custodian of the Sacred Gambian Constitution.
• 4th Election: Barrow Vs. Jammeh / For the Honorary Title of Admiral of the State of Nebraska
• 5th Election: Barrow Vs. Jammeh / For The Title of Healer of Nations/ President that Can Cure HIV/AIDS.

Though improbable, once the election is conducted in such proper manner and Mr. Barrow becomes the winner by a clear margin, AwazeTribune will endorse the new Gambian president. Thereby, pending such election, we’re withholding our endorsement of the Gambian President elect and making it known that we protest the outcome of the Gambia Presidential Election of 2016 .

The AwazeTribune Editorial Board.