Stockholm: In a Facebook live video she posted on her popular page yesterday, Eritrean-Swedish human rights activist Meron Estefanos has announced that she’s began training her own commando forces who would soon take on the Eritrean Defense Forces and human rights violators and traffickers all over the world.

Exasperated with the rate things are going in her home country and inability of the Eritrean government to protect its citizens from human traffickers, Ms. Estefanos has said that she’s started forcibly conscripting able-bodied men who have come to pay her a visit for New Year,  into her new army and forcing them to take part in a mandatory military training.

AwazeTribune Ms. Estefanos’s new army, which is being touted as one of the “weirdest paramilitary force to ever exist” by IHS Janes, an organization responsible for tracking military assets around the world , forces conscripts to learn Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat and indoctrinates candidates with military tactics that resemble those utilized by the Spetsnaz Special Forces group of Russia.

General Meron Estefanos
Official Portrait of the Supreme Commander of the My Special Commando Forces ( MSCF ) Generalísimo Meron Estefanos . ( Photo Credits )MSCF Public Relations Wing/ Feruz Kaissey

AwazeTribune has learned that Ms. Estefanos has decided to dub the newly-minted paramilitary unit MSCF (abbreviated form of My Super Commando Force) and has appointed herself Supreme Commander of the MSCF with appropriate official title of Generallisimo Meron Estefanos. It has also been disclosed that General Estefanos has appointed previous Eri-TV anchor Temesgen Debessai as the chief of religious affairs of the MSCF.

Lukewarm Ascendancy

To many observers, Generalissimo Estefanos’s attempt to establish an army to combat abuses is too drastic of a step.

According to another Diaspora-based Eritrean General, Major Super General Yonathan ‘Shekortetino’ Habte, the establishment of the MSCF comes at a cost too high while Estefanos’s attempt might have the right intentions.

“Ms. Estefanos has previously stated on the record that she abhors anything militaristic and has crticized the Eritrean government for the indefinite conscription, I can only fathom what changed her mind.” General Yonathan, who also doubles as a super-advisor to Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki elaborated.

S Merhary
Samiel Merhary on Twitter

Another expert familiar with Eritrea, Mr. Samiel Mehary has also told AwazeTribune that the recent establishment of the MSCF underlines what he has always thought about Meron Estefanos, that she is a power-hungry military dictator in the making. Mr. Mehary expressed his utter disgust at General Estefanos’s new endeavors and has underlined that he’s always known that General Estefanos doesn’t have good intentions of the Eritrean masses when she acts and that she’s only a self-serving dictator in the making.