Asmara — The National Bank of Eritrea, the nation’s bank responsible for printing and distributing the Eritrean currency Nakfa, has announced that it will soon begin to offer advertising space in the nation’s notes.

Kibrom Woldemariam, Bank Administrator
Mr Kibrom Woldemariam, Administrator of the National Bank of Eritrea

Speaking to reporters this morning, Administrator of the National Bank of Eritrea, Mr. Kibreab Woldemariam disclosed that after much deliberation, the Eritrean cabinet has unanimously approved President Isaias Afwerki’s proposal to “put the currency into another use” and has passed instructions to the Bank to start redesigning the current currency to make it a great medium for advertising and commercial content.

According to the Administrator, the advertising space on the new notes will be made available for a fee to business establishments that have an ongoing relationship with Eritrea.

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Furthermore, it is being disclosed that organizations such as Nevsun Corps ( NSU: SE Toronto) , Red Sea Corp and UAE army have already expressed desire to advertise their products in Eritrea’s currency.

However, according to the Bank, priority will be given to national entities and the first press of the new bank notes will bear advertising by the Abu Walad Busicuit Factory and ESMG Abu Selama condoms as those products have played a great role in the nation building process and that every Eritrean is “Cognizant of the roles of those products while growing up in free Eritrea.”

It is to be recalled that Eritrea’s National Bank has recently replaced the country’s currency to combat human traffickers and contrabandists who have been hoarding millions of Nakfa begotten from illegal activities.