Washington DC — President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order adding new nations into the already controversial travel ban- this time to include the east African nation of Agazian.

In a statement made today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced to the world and an audience of reporters that President Trump has amended the previous version of his executive order into law by including Agazian.

Visa Ban NationsAccording to Spicer, Trump’s transition team has long been aware of the need to include the nation of Agazian in the ban due to “concerning” behavior of some people who hail from there, but has overlooked doing so due to an oversight.

“This Presidency, unlike the previous one, will work to prevent terrorist attacks against the United States, and in continuation with that line of policy, Agazian has been added to the ban list.” said Spicer towards the conclusion of the press statement.

While the exact reason why the Trump Administration has decided to include Agazian is yet to be determined, a member of the Trump transition team has hinted that the decision to include Agazian in the visa might have something to do with “innate character flaws and common daydreaming of the citizens of Agazian that’s useless in a modern world.”

To date, Agazian is the first imaginary nation that has been included in the Trump visa ban.