Heaven — Sources close to God are revealing that God intends to deport Eritrea’s former Minister of Information, Nayzghi Kiflu back to where he came from as he’s been deemed “threat to the piousity of the Heavenly Kingdom”.

According to the same sources, the AT has learned that God has started considering the drastic measure after multiple instances of Mr. Nayzghi referring to him using expletives and accusations of Mr. Nayzghi having groped nuns in the celestial Kingdom, who he allegedly also insults greatly by telling them that “they don’t know what they’re missing.”

The AT has reached out to the offices of Saint Peter, who heads the Immigration Department of the Heavenly Kingdom and the Angel Gabriel, the official spokesperson for the Kingdom, both have declined to comment on the issue.

St. Peter
Saint Peter, Keeper of the Celestial Gate (C) AwazeTribune/Temesghen Debessai

However, in a mailed statement, Saint Peter confirmed that the kingdom is engaged in finding an “alternative solution” for Mr. Nayzghi.

Although Saint Peter didn’t wish to elaborate on what he meant by “alternative solution”, a source closely associated with the Kingdom has told the AT that it is widely expected that the Kingdom wishes to transfer Mr. Nayzghi to other ‘less-godly domains’.

AwazeTribune has reached out to the Devil for a comment on the matter and whether its his domain that’s being referred to as the “alternative solution”, which he flatly denied.

” We don’t want him here, he’s too much even for us to handle,” the Devil said.

The Devil further went on to shed a light on the matter saying that if God wishes to punish Nayzghi, he should send him back to his native Eritrea, which, according to the devil is at a “sorrier state than hell due to misadministration.”

Nayzghi Kiflu, who while he lived in Earth was a foul-mouthed blasphemer and a close confidant of the Eritrean president, ended up in the Kingdom of Heaven because of a paperwork mistake that partly attributed to his birth-name Nayzghi, which literally translates to “belonging to God.”