Dec 26, Asmara: The National Association of Patriotic Eritrean Livestock Butchers (NAPELB) has announced that it has finalized preparations ahead of the holiday season and will start accepting bitcoin and as a form of payment in Asmara’s Kehawta and Adi Abeito Stockyards.

Maj. Gubsa Temnewo, Head of the Patriotic Butchers Association

According to the chairman of the organization, Maj. Gubsa Temnewo, members of the Patriotic Livestock Butchers Association have repeatedly registered their grievances concerning “the volatility of the Eritrean currency and the check system.”

Maj. Gubsa further elaborated that the Association has partnered with Himbol Financial Services  to provide a different payment system for its costumers.

Given the steep learning curve involved with understanding bitcoin and  blockchain, we’ve partnered with Himbol Hawala Service to create the popular Buy-Eritrean-Begie campaign that allows Eritreans residing in the Diasporas to deposit money with Himbol in exchange for a responsibly and patriotically-raised Sheep or a Goat of your choosing for holiday gumption.

It is to be recalled that the Eritrean Patriotic Butchers Association has splintered from the larger National Popular Organization for Responsible Livestock and Hide Utilization – Revolutionary Front ( NPORLHU-RF) to address numerous contemporary market demands. //End.