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Asmara, Eritrea
Friday, November 24, 2017
Denden Hall, Asmara -- President Isaias Afwerki welcomed and received Eritrea's newest athletic phenomenon, Girmay Ghebreslassie in the presence of government ministers and officials, where he praised the athlete for not absconding. Taking a day off his busy schedule from...
Asmara -- The Eritrean commissioner of Sport, His Excellency Mr. Zemede Tekle wrote the International Olympic Committee to ask the Olympic body to give due consideration to the introduction of the traditional Eritrean games of Gebeta and Handay at the upcoming...
San Francisco-- In an interview with Good Morning America, Ethiopian Olympic athlete Robel 'the Whale' Kiros has alleged that his loss at the Rio swimming event is partly attributable to what he termed as 'the erroneous policies of previous...