Would possibly perchance 18, 2023 |8:25pm

A journalist claims rocker Courtney Esteem once groped him with out consent.

Frank Elaridi — who works largely for ABC programs and digital platforms — acknowledged on Thursday’s episode of his “Quite Frankly” podcast that the incident took field “admire six years ago” at Coachella when he used to be keeping the tune competition for “Nightline.”

“I mediate I used to be admire 24 or one thing on the time — naive,” he defined. “They ship me to Coachella to transfer enact an interview alongside with her. I’m at her afterparty, interviewing her in a side room, and then she’s admire, ‘Reach lollygag around with us!’”

Elaridi acknowledged he obliged and that the two took “a listing together.”

Journalist Frank Elaridi claims Courtney Esteem once groped him with out consent.
Quite Frankly Podcast
Esteem — pictured here with Elaridi at Coachella several years ago — also can unbiased also be viewed grabbing his crotch.
Quite Frankly Podcast

“And the 2nd [the] listing’s completed, she grabs my crotch, admire, the truth is tough. Like, grabs it admire that,” he claimed, gesturing with his hands.

“I used to be caught off guard. There’s actually a listing ’map off someone all the map thru the room snapped it [and] sent it to me.”

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In the listing, Esteem also can unbiased also be viewed grabbing Elaridi’s crotch apparently forcefully alongside with her right hand. She seemed carefree and aloof, whereas his facial expression used to be one of shock.

“Her hand is terribly clearly — admire, there’s a listing of Courtney Esteem alongside with her hand squeezing my balls usually,” he acknowledged.

Elaridi acknowledged he used to be “caught off guard.”
The journalist shared the listing on his podcast, “Quite Frankly,” on Thursday.
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Elaridi’s podcast visitor, musician Nahko Endure — who has been accused of sexual abuse nevertheless denies the allegations — requested, “So you’re gonna homicide her?”

Elaridi acknowledged the conception to “lope after her” “10 years later” would “by no map circulate [his] thoughts.”

“She’s a rock significant person in my head,” he defined. “No longer to define [her behavior] or sing it’s OK, nevertheless in my head, that may perchance perchance perchance by no map circulate my thoughts to enact that.”

Elaridi told his podcast visitor, musician Nahko Endure, that he used to be no longer “making an are trying to homicide her.”
Elaridi acknowledged he witnessed one thing identical on the map of “Dancing With the Stars” several years ago.

Alternatively, he wondered whether or no longer the dialog used to be still price having for the mere indisputable fact that “she’s a girl” and he’s “a man.”

Elaridi wrote a lengthy caption alongside the clip from his podcast on Instagram, noting that he didn’t desire to “come off as a sufferer.”

Reps for Esteem, 58, did now not straight away respond to Page Six’s put aside an affirm to for comment.

Elaridi also recalled witnessing an allegedly identical dynamic when he used to be a on the reduction of the scenes correspondent at “Dancing With the Stars” several years ago.

Reps for Esteem didn’t return our put aside an affirm to for comment.
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Without naming names — consequently of he’s “no longer making an are trying to obtain anybody canceled” — he claimed there used to be “an older lady on the present” who may perchance perchance perchance perchance be “flirting, jokingly” in some unspecified time in the future of joint interviews with “her dance accomplice” nevertheless would “be caressing his butt your whole time.”

Elaridi claimed the unidentified man would “look” at him with huge eyes and and an glum “smirk.”

“I’m able to’t support nevertheless shock why some of us obtain chosen and others don’t,” he acknowledged.