Pax Dei

Pax Dei is a sandbox MMO in which players create everything.

Mainframe Industries has released the reveal trailer for Pax Dei, a social sandbox MMO that asks players, “What world would you make?” This question is less hyperbolic and more in line with the game’s emphasis on the decisions and creations of its players. According to Mainframe Industries, players will strive to create everything in Pax Dei’s visually stunning setting, from managing plants and sewing their own garments to securing their hamlets with walls and weapons. Of course, you’ll be doing all of this in a clan with other live gamers.


Along with establishing a living and vibrant society, the trailer suggests that there will be plenty to discover in Pax Dei, including mythical legends, ghosts, and dragons in a hazardous wilderness brimming with treasures. And the riches of expeditions and fights will be used to fortify clans and towns, so whatever activity you undertake will benefit your in-game community.


While collaborating with others in the online experience appears to be one of the key appeals, Pax Dei will also have PvP possibilities for conflicts between individual players as well as full-fledged clan wars. While Mainframe Industries has not yet declared a release date, signups for the Pax Dei title’s playtesting are presently open on their website if you can’t wait to start creating your own story through the MMO. However, if you want to hear about the game directly from the makers, watch the introduction video below.