SOL Bloom: The Rising Model and Actress Taking the Fashion and Entertainment Industries by Storm

Sol Bloom is a gifted model and actress whose impact on the fashion and entertainment industries  has been steadily growing. Her remarkable looks and commanding presence on the runway have  earned her modeling gigs with some of the most prominent fashion brands and designers.  Furthermore, she has also made notable appearances in various major music videos  and television productions. 

Sol Bloom is a writer, designer, producer, model, motivational speaker, and healthcare worker who  is the founder of ‘Love Language’, a podcast that discusses deep soul, mental, and spiritual matters  of the heart in a lighthearted fashion, aimed at inspiring, uplifting, and motivating others. As a visionary, she aims to help others tap into their inner beings, rid themselves of the distractions  society has placed upon them, and open their eyes to the truth and what love is about. Sol believes in bringing others up with her alongside her journey and wants to be a symbol of hope  to others. Despite facing challenges such as battling with herself and finding balance and time to  make things happen, she has become a problem solver and a leader in her family, weaving through  struggles while striving for her pursuits and dreams. 

Sol Bloom’s career includes numerous runway shows for notable fashion brands and designers.  In 2022, she was part of Model Mafia/ Rtplifestyle & LA Fame at the Globe Theater, where  she modeled for John Born, House of Humble,Marnett E’leion Couture, Bold Black Dresses &  Poetic Justice Jeans Fashion Designers. She has also walked for Millbrox and TMKollections  International fashion brands at The Model Experience LAFW in 2019 and 2022.  Additionally, Sol was featured in Daniel’s Leather & Ethika NYFW in 2023. 

In addition to her runway work, Sol Bloom has made a name for herself in several major music  videos and television productions. In 2021, she was featured in HBO Issa Rae’s “Insecure” Episode  10, and in House OF BET: Let’s Talk Dating with KJ Smith & More BET awards show in 2022.  Her appearances in numerous music videos include Houdini’s “Part of Me”, Pressa Armani’s  “Attachments” & “Second Hand Smoke”, Lil Gotit, Wav3pop, Lil surf’s “Slimey N’ Shady”,  Willow Smith’s “Transparent Soul”, Hoodybaby, Lil Duke, Chris Brown’s “Stamina”,  Da Baby & Polo G’s “Party Lyfe”, Lil Eazzyy’s “MVP” (Cameo), The Weeknd’s “Take My Breath”,  August Royals’ “Crash”, Mosa’s “Church”, Rickstar’s “Babygirl”, French Montana,  Doja Cat, & Saweetie’s “Handstand”, Nick the Real’s “Good Life” (Taiwan), Doechii’s “Persuasive”,  Galantis, Mnek, David Guetta’s “Damn”, Chris King’s “Go Kart!”, and Roadrunner TB’s. 

Sol Bloom has signed contracts with several reputable modeling agencies, including Bounty LA in  West Hollywood, EMA Models in Canada Toronto, Model Mafia in Beverly Hills. Her modeling work  and acting performances have caught the attention of many in the industry, 

 and she is quickly becoming a rising star to keep an eye on. She is currently working on some new  projects that will be out sometime this year, so stay tuned!